Oregon City Woman's club - established april 1, 1903


Club motto - Growth through service

Club Color - Carnation Red

Club Flower - Oregon Grape

Mail: PO Box 2102

Oregon City OR 97045



2020-2022 officers

  President: Connie Kitzmiller

Vice President:  Chris Wadsworth

Recording Secretary: Gail Aldridge

Financial Secretary: Julie Peters

Treasurer: Heather Chaney


Connie's Corner - May 2020

I am so excited to serve as your president for the coming

year! At our Zoom General Meeting, many of you saw the

passing of the gavel, with a roll of toilet paper attached. Bev set

the bar very high these past two years and I hope I can match

it. Huge thanks and appreciation for all your hard work and

gracious and giving heart. Chris has graciously agreed to

continue as our Newsletter Editor as well as assuming the

duties of Vice-President. We will have the same great ladies

remaining in their offices - Heather Chaney as Treasurer, Gail

Aldridge as Secretary and Julie Peters as Financial Secretary.

Bev will be joining the Executive meetings as Immediate Past


Currently, we are doing both our Executive meetings and

General meetings via Zoom. No date has been set for the Elks

Club to re-open or the OK for Pam with Two Girls Catering to

resume using the second floor.

During Covid-19, many of our members have found ways to still

volunteer in the community. They are making hundreds of

masks for First Responders, continuing to hand out food with

HOPE, and finding places to distribute hundreds of elementary

books for students (these were made available to us through

Pam Briggs, OFWC President working with the Corvallis School

District). If you want to help, please donate to HOPE...make

checks payable to HOPE and mail them to Alice Hayden at

19493 Orchard Grove Drive in Oregon City. Thank you for


Giving to others can make us all feel better. Call a friend, family

member or an elderly person living alone...it will make their day

and guarantees to lift your spirits.

If you’re feeling anxious or depressed yourself, reach out to us.

As members, we are here to help and care for one another.

I am anxiously looking forward to getting together, in person, to

visit and catch up with each of you.


Past Presidents 1904 -1920

*Jennie Barlow Harding (George) 1904-1906

*Mary M. Charman (Frederick)         1906-1907

*Mary B. U'ren (William Simon) 1907-1909

*Mary E. Norris (Dr. John W.)         1909-1911

*Mary R. Caufield (David)                 1911-1913

*Mary Shanks (Duncan M.)                 1913-1914

*Jennie Pfingsten (Henry F.)         1914-1915

*Rosina Fouts Evans (Charles W.) 1915-1917

*Alma Moore                                         1917-1918

*Mary R. Caufield (David)                 1918-1920

Mary R. Caufield headstone at Mountain View Cemetery, Oregon City

Mary R. Caufield headstone at Mountain View Cemetery, Oregon City


Eva Emery Dye

*Eva Emery Dye (Charles H.)                                1920-1922          

*Manona Pearl Cartlidge (Harry B.)                1922-1924

*Anna Krassig (William)                                        1924-1926

*Rosa Green (Carl)                                                        1926-1927

*Thora B. Gardiner (Fred)                                        1927-1931

*Edna Belle Walker (Mortimer)                                1931-1934

*Estella Salisbury (Henry)                                        1934-1937

*Catherine Josephine "Josie" Barnett (Guy) 1937-1939

*Gertrude M. Oswald (Franklin L.)                        1939-1941

*Frances Mockford (Rev. Arthur Julian)        1941-1943

*Mae Everett Taylor (Ira D.)                                        1943-1944

*Mae V. Pratt (Ralph I.)                                            1944-1945

*Pauline Rilance (Ray)                                                1945-1947

*Quvene May (Tootie) Faust (Lee)                        1947-1949

*Rosa Green (Carl)                                                        1949-1950

 *Mabel Lenz (Herman W.)                                        1950-1951

*Helen C. Metz (Ralph E.)                                        1951-1952

*Caroline Strickland (Graeme. H.)                        1952-1953

*Dorothy Maddax (Virgil)                                        1953-1955

*Genevieve Hammerle (Gordon)                        1955-1957

*Ruth Schneider (George)                                           1957-1959

(Photo -  Eva Emery Dye)


*Eleanore Bloom (Alexander)      1959-1961

*Patricia Hatfield (Clarence)           1961-1962

*Rosalie Bloom (Richard)                    1962-1963

*Norma Schlect Day                              1963-1965

*Eunice Bonniksen (Dr. L. Gene)      1965-1966

*Janet Childreth (Rufus W.)               1966-1967

*Norma Schlect Day                       1967-1968

*Lola Sheldahl (John)                       1968-1969

*Eleanore Bloom (Alexander)       1969-1970

*Rolla Petrich (Vincent)               1970-1971

*Alma Brown (Merle)                       1971-1972

*Florence Sievers (Charles)       1972-1973

Suzan Waud (Patrick)                       1973-1975

*Florence Sievers (Charles)       1975-1976

*Ruth Rambo Williams (Robert)      1976-1977

Vera Benfield (Francis W.)               1977-1978

*Mildred Boyington                       1978-1979

Elaine Kincheloe (John)               1979-1980

*Carol (Mickey) Goebel                       1980-1981

*Peggy Garvison (Jim)                       1981-1983

Betty Nelson (Keith)                       1983-1985

*Edythe Moss (Melvin)                       1985-1988

*Charleen Schultz (Dan)               1988-1990

Dedication for bench in memory of  Rosalie Bloom bench at Richard Bloom Tot's Park.

Dedication for bench in memory of  Rosalie Bloom bench at Richard Bloom Tot's Park.

Past Presidents 1990 to present

Past Presidents Claudine Hicks (left), Alice Hayden (second from right), and Jerri Adams (right).

 *Dottie Setterberg (Gordon)  1990-1992

Norma Evans (Robert)                  1992-1994

Jilda Danielson (Craig)                   1994-1996

Margaret Svarverud (Leonard)  1996-1998

*Geraldine McNeel                          1998-2000

Jilda Danielson (Craig)              2000-2002

*Irma Sullivan                                  2002-2004

Suzan Waud (Patrick)                  2004-2006

Margie Tosi (Ron)                          2006-2010

Diane McKnight (Jim)                  2010-2012

Alice Hayden (Bob)                        2012-2014

Claudine Hicks                                  2014-2016

Jerri Adams (Larry)                  2016-2018

Bev Spilseth                                        2018-2020

(photo: Past Presidents Claudine Hicks (left), Alice Hayden (second from right), and Jerri Adams (right) with state officers)